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Old age isn't the finish of life. It is the start of another life". No one comprehends this superior to Vizhuthugal old age care. At Vizhuthugal old age care, the older folks can begin another part of life at night of their lives. We at Vizhuthugal old age carefully welcome the state of old age, the physical and mental lack of ability and the requirement for customized care, consideration, love and friendship. We additionally trust that old age need not be a time of feebleness and devastation, that it very well may be an upbeat time of delicate sentimentality, or inventive action, brimming with wellbeing, essentialness and unwinding. This is the thing that we at Vizhuthugal old age care endeavour to accomplish by giving the old a positive climate where they may thrive, both physically and rationally, where they may understanding and make the most of their 'new life' without bounds.

Peaceful home for Senior Citizens

Advanced Life, Enhanced Care 

Sweet Serenity, Suite Serenity 

Straightforwardness Life, Lease Home 

To give an international standard in services administration at a sensible cost to the people lives in Vizhuthugal old age care home.

At that point we give the brisk alleviation by performing medical aid treatment and Complete Health checkup including a Blood test and Full body checkup

Accommodation, Food & Clothing for elders get obliged. Our Caregivers group helps the elders in bolstering and dress.

We praise celebrations. Understudies from universities and schools come to invest energy with elders. We advance Recreational Activities for elders.




Our home intended for senior residents and as indicated by their necessities with giving social, physical, medicinal help and enthusiastic help. A family-like air is made inside the network of the asylum homes. Our staff individuals have qualified the essential prerequisites of care, benevolence and tolerance that is required around elderly individuals.


Our home gives nursing, treatment, wellness and end-of-life care administrations to their occupants. The administrations are conveyed by a group of authorized and guaranteed medicinal experts. We give time to time drug to bed patients and guarantee the patient is taking nourishment on schedule and in the required amount.


They keep up sterile condition around the patient to keep that person contamination free. We give nourishment to the patient on time according to the specialist's guidance. Accessible Male/Female caretakers for seniority and incapacitated individuals for full-time administration. They are submitted for the given day and night task with their huge commitment


Vision: Bliss (Heaven) Home for old peoples


Mission: Happiness for peoples lives in VIZHUTHUGAL OLD AGE CARE HOME

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